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May 2022 New 29

Global coverage for legal activity classifications

In the Onboarding Module and Client File Module, we have added global support for classification types of business activities for legal entities. Previously, we only supported the NACE standard, but now we support any classification …
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Party status 03

New workflow for ‘party’ status

Previously, any user could change the status of a client from pending” to accepted”. We have added a new workflow so that only users with the correct permissions can change the status of a client. This permission is called …
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Upload file types in onboarding

Additional document categories in the Onboarding Module

A wider range of document categories is now available to a legal or natural person during the onboarding process. The accepted document categories differ depending on the type of party. 
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Notification visual

New notification for risk classification in the Client File Module

We have introduced a new notification called Client File — Risk classification created”, which is triggered when a risk classification job is created. The notification covers all three types of risk classification: initial review, …
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Signing in onboarding 04

Redesign of the signing process of the Onboarding Module

To improve usability, we have added a new screen to the signing process of the Onboarding Module. The new screen makes it easier for users to start a signing request, manage contracts within the signing request and get an overview of …
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Connections reverse logic 03

New view of legal structure

Following several requests from our clients, we have changed the perspective of the legal structure so that the client is always at the top. Although this is the exact opposite of how our legal structure was displayed before, this new …
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Product view Fip details 29

Additional Financial Investment Plan (FIP) fields in product overview

New columns have been added to the product overview in the Client File Module. These columns display information that was previously available under the Financial Investment Plan” tab, making all FIP information directly visible in the …
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Temporary nominal bulk orders in PMS

You can now upload nominal bulk order in our PMS

From now on, it is possible to create single and multiple nominal orders in Blanco PMS via the function temporary bulk orders”. Until now, nominal orders could only be created via the manual input of an order (under Ordering > New …
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Customs fields 04

Custom fields

As of this month, administrators can add fields to parties in the Client File. In addition to the already available risk markers’ and external references’, we are working on a more versatile feature to meet the specific requirements …
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Rejected status in client file 1

New status label: rejected

In the Client File we have added a new rejected’ status label at party level. This allows a professional user to label their clients and reject parties that are not offboarded’ (because onboarding was incomplete). Rejected parties are …
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New functionalities in CF

New functionality in the Client File

We have added three new functionalities to facilitate the management of documents. Professional users can now select or bulk download contracts to make a signature request, upload files larger than 15 MB during onboarding, and add a …
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KYC Blanco visual processor as modules 01

Processors renamed as modules

A processor was originally a link to a custodian (such as BinckBank) or other third party to which you could send a registration (such as AIRS). This processor functionality has become very broad because you can create your own module, …
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Addition of risk markers questions

Addition of risk markers questions

We have added two additional risk markers’ in the Onboarding and the Client File. These are: Is this person a politically exposed person (PEP)?Does the party belong to a complex legal structure?These questions can be enabled or …
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Migrate data to client file without natural person

Onboard a legal person without a natural person

It is now possible to complete the onboarding of a legal entity without a natural person. This is only possible if the signing module is deactivated, as a natural person is always required for signing. 
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Workflow to add and remove connections from parties

Workflow to add and remove party connections

From now on, it is possible to add or remove connections to an existing party. This makes it easy to remove, add or replace an owner. We have created a new workflow to delete a connection. All changes are recorded in an audit trail. …
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Easily search and select assignees

Easy search and selection of assignees

To add an assignee to a particular action, for example to a workflow, you previously had to scroll through a long list to find the right person. With the addition of a new search function to the list, adding an assignee is now quick and …
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New onboarding workflow

Improved onboarding workflow

We have enriched the onboarding process with three new features. First, all steps are logged and professional users can view a full history of their activities. This audit trail is important from a compliance point of view. Second, only …
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Improved FIP invitation in Client File 12

Improved FIP invitation in Client File

Until now, in the Client File, an e‑mail address would be automatically selected by the system when a professional user invites a client to the Financial Investment Plan (FIP). Now, you can easily change this e‑mail address manually via …
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Customisable FIP Knowledge and Experience test

Customisable FIP knowledge and experience test

The knowledge and experience test in the Financial Investment Plan (FIP) allows professional users to easily understand their clients’ knowledge and experience of trading different types of financial instruments. However, some …
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KYC Signing request select signers 1

Easily select different signers for signature requests

Professional users can now easily select the specific legal representatives or owners of a product in the Client File required for a signature request. This was previously pre-sorted by the system, but can now be modified by adding or …
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Settings Multiple external references

Option to add external references

It is now also possible to add multiple external references, such as the client’s CRM ID, to clients. External references could already be added on the product level, but can now also be done on the client level. These external …
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KYC Settings workflow settings open state 09

Information dashboard for workflows

We have created an information dashboard for administrators (admins). The dashboard contains all available workflows of the KYC Suite and clearly explains the purpose of each workflow. In addition, it is easy to see which permissions a …
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KYC Activity log on Client file 10

Client File activity log

View all workflows of a client or party in one overview with the new Client File functionality: the activity log. The activity log shows both active and completed workflows. Open workflows, such as a risk assessment or an …
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KYC New customer landing page 09

New customer landing page

We have created a new landing page from which customers can start their onboarding. The new UI/UX gives it a simple, fresh and robust design. Click on the visual below to view a bigger screenshot. 
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Expired ID notifications

Expired ID notifications

Professional users can now choose to receive a notification when an identification document has expired or will expire within a month. This feature is available for both the Onboarding and Client File. You can customise this feature by …
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Manual identification onboarding

Manual identification & verification workflow

The Blanco technology allows professional users to choose between automatic online identification and manual identification during the onboarding process. Previously, professional users who wanted to manually identify a customer could …
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Add products to existing clients

Easily add products to existing customers

Professional users can now easily add products to existing clients in the Client File Module. Previously, clients had to go through the onboarding process again to create a new product. This created separate records for the same client. …
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Redesign client view 16

Downloading of management information expanded

A few months ago, we introduced the possibility to export management information in the Client File Module and Onboarding Module as a CSV file. Read more here. We have now extended this feature with more data fields. In the coming …
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UI UX improvements screening page onboarding

UI/UX improvements to onboarding screening page

We have created a new screening page for the Onboarding Module, replacing the old pop-up screen. With the new page you can view all screening results in one screen, filter them by status and download the CDD certificate directly. …
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Generate Binck Bank Belgium contracts automatically 1

Generate BinckBank Belgium contracts automatically

We have added the contracts of BinckBank Belgium to the Onboarding and Client File Module. As a result, the tripartite contracts can be generated with one push of a button and ready for digital signature. In this way, all the …
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Multiple custom questionnaires in onboarding and client file

Add multiple custom questionnaires to processors

From now on, you can add multiple flexible questionnaires to the processors in the Onboarding and Client File Module. Previously, only one flexible questionnaire could be used to ask clients additional questions and it was only …
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Use the data from the flexible questionnaires in the document generator 04

Use data from flexible questionnaires in the document generator

Most of the data retrieved during the onboarding process could already be used to automatically generate own documents. Now information from flexible questionnaires can also be used in the document generator. Data uploaded to the …
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Introduction of allocation and audit trail of user rights

Introduction of allocation and audit trail of user rights

Previously, the KYC Module worked with predefined roles (admin, user, agent). We have recently replaced these roles and professional users can now create their own groups and then assign both rights and users to these groups. This makes …
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Improved screening experience

Improved screening experience

Improvements have been made to the screening process in the Onboarding and Client File Module, allowing professional users to handle screening tickets more efficiently and easily. Among the new additions are filters for match status and …
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New option for assignees in the Client File

New option for ‘assignees’ in the Client File

The Client File Module has a new Onboarding feature: the assignees’ option. With this feature, it is possible to assign clients to assignees’ such as practitioners, account managers or supervisors. Notifications can also be set up so …
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Updated FIP risk return formula

Updated FIP risk-return formula

An important part of the Financial Investment Plan (FIP) Module is the risk-return formula. The risk-return formula shows the relationship between the standard deviation of an investment, which corresponds to the risk score of a …
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Limiting mandatory fields in the Client onboarding

Limitation of mandatory fields in the Client Onboarding Module

Until now, all fields in the Client Onboarding Module had to be filled in before the onboarding could be completed. Since not all fields were relevant to all the different types of Blanco users, we have (largely) abandoned this …
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Notification workflow 03

Email notification for workflow in Client File Module

In January, we introduced a workflow for the Wwft risk assessment in the KYC & Compliance Suite. These workflows (initial review, periodic review and event driven review) contain a task list and allow professional users to assign …
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Prepare contracts from client file 18

Easily prepare documents for signing in the Client File Module

More and more functions in the Client Onboarding Module are now also available in the Client File Module. This month we introduced the make ready for signature” functionality to the Client File Module. This way, all documents that are …
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Possibility to skip identification 18

Choice to skip identification in Onboarding Module

From now on, professional users can choose to skip the previously mandatory identification step. This is especially useful for clients who identify a client face-to-face or have already identified the client. This makes the onboarding …
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Improved menu structure settingspng 18

Improved menu structure settings in the KYC professional portal

Many settings are available in the KYC professional portal, enabling users to personalise their KYC portal as they see fit. To ensure that you can still find the right setting within the growing number of settings, we have grouped the …
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Improved Client File navigation 23

Improved navigation in Client File Module

The navigation structure in the Client File Module has been improved so that professional users can easily find all their party” related information. A party” is a natural or legal person. In the new Party Dashboard”, a user can see …
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Possibility to skip identification 18

Pre-screening for potential clients in Onboarding Module

From now on, it is possible to pre-screen’ potential clients on PEP and sanctions lists and adverse media before their registration is complete. A number of our customers indicated that they wanted to screen potential clients prior to …
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Signing with a wet signature

Signing with a wet signature

From now on, professional users can easily choose between a digital or wet signature. In the client onboarding process, it was previously mandatory to have a digital signature to complete the onboarding process. This meant that …
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Feb2021 New 04

Download management information

From now on, it is possible to export management information in the Client File module as a CSV file. The following product information can be downloaded into a file: product type, product name, product ID, external reference, contra …
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Search by account number

Search by account number

Would you like to search for your clients on the basis of a bank account number, AIRS portfolio number or other internal references? This is now possible in our KYC & Compliance module. We have added an extra column to the product …
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Updated Binck Bank questionnaire

Updated BinckBank questionnaire

BinckBank Netherlands has updated its questionnaires. To ensure that professional users can continue to easily onboard their clients at BinckBank using the Blanco onboarding tool, we have incorporated this updated questionnaire into the …
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CF 2

Client File UX/UI makeover

As many of you may have noticed, we gave the UX/UI of the Client File Module a serious makeover in December. The biggest innovation is the hierarchical representation of the client relationship, which gives a clear view of the ownership …
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Artboard 1 copy 14 3x

Workflow available for risk classification

About a year ago, we introduced risk classification as part of the KYC Suite. It enables professional users to classify clients according to risk (low, medium, high or unacceptable). We have now added several workflows: initial review, …
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Single sign on fintech blanco 04

Additional information available in KYC report

The KYC Report is a clear PDF containing all information about a client, which helps professional users to easily export all data around a client and make it transparent for e.g. a regulator. From now on, the KYC report will also …
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Single sign on fintech blanco 04

Single sign-on

We’ve introduced a single-sign-on (SSO) functionality to access our portal. SSO allows a user to log in once with one set of credentials and gain automatic access to multiple websites or applications. Facebook is a good example of this: …
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Kyc evidos blanco fintech 31

White label signing process in the KYC & Compliance Suite

At Blanco, we work together with Evidos to make digital signing of documents possible. If a client has to sign a document, the client leaves the Blanco environment and is redirected to a secure page of Evidos to place his/​her …
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Origin of assets 03

Reach out for origin assets

As a professional, you can now inquire about the origin of your client’s assets in the onboarding street. Clients can indicate the origin of their assets, and you can request additional information if necessary. Previously, clients …
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Risk assessment 05 05

Fine-tuning of the MiFID risk tolerance test

In September, we introduced our new MiFID risk tolerance test. We received many positive reactions from our customers, but also received feedback on how we can further improve the risk tolerance test. For example, the difference between …
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MITEK FLOW identification

Improved identification flow in KYC & Compliance Suite

We have taken a close look at the Mitek identification flow and noticed that there is still room for further improvement. Mitek is the mobile identification system where clients can identify themselves by means of a passport scan and …
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Input data Client File optional

Input of data in Client File Module optional

Until now, all fields in the Client File Module required input in order to import clients. This sometimes slowed down the process when a professional user did not have all of a client’s data. We have adjusted this so that only the …
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Clients switcher 1

Client overview available in Client File Module

We have made some adjustments to the Client File Module. Until now, it was not possible for our customers to get a simple overview of all their clients because the overview also included all associated UBO’s, legal representatives and …
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Website blanco useblanco 2

Questionnaire in Client File Module is only shown when purchased

The Financial Investment Plan and Questionnaire Tabs were always visible in the Client File Module, even if they were not used by all users. We understand that this can lead to confusion, so these tabs are now only shown if the user …
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Notification client file

New: Client File notifications

Notifications have been added to the Client File. This makes it possible to receive a notification when a client’s data changes. This notification can be sent to an email address of your choice, such as that of a compliance officer, an …
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Multiple addresses

Register multiple addresses

Until now, we supported the establishment of one address per party. However, some companies have a visiting address and a correspondence address. Clients were not able to enter both addresses until now, which was of course inconvenient. …
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Processor data

Display processor data in the Client File

In addition to generic data, some custodian banks have additional questions before a client can open an account. If a client wishes to switch from one custodian bank to another, these additional questions still need to be answered. …
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Website blanco useblanco

Improved onboarding flow for clients

If our professional users have a become a client” button on their website, their clients who select it are redirected to an intermediate screen. This screen displays choice tiles for different account types (individual, collective, …
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Update processor specific questions Binck Bank

Update processor-specific questions BinckBank

Depotbank BinckBank has added extra questions to its intake form. To ensure that you can continue to easily board your clients at BinckBank using the Blanco onboarding tool, we have included these extra questions in the …
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UI improvements screening notification and risk qualification 04

UI improvements screening notification and risk qualification

We thought it was about time that some UI adjustments were made in the screening notifications. In addition to some textual and visual adjustments, the most important change is that the user will be immediately redirected from the …
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Processor specific information now also available in Client File 05

Processor-specific information now also available in Client File

Until recently, the information requested during onboarding for the benefit of a specific processor could not be consulted directly in the Client File. For example, professional users could only retrieve this information from the …
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Simplified look feel of the Mi FID risk tolerance test

Simplified “look & feel” of the MiFID risk tolerance test

We have often received feedback from our professional users that the risk tolerance test was too complex, causing them to spend a lot of time explaining it to their clients. We have therefore re-examined this risk tolerance test and …
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KYC Settings Configurable fields Client Onboarding Client File 04 04

Configurable fields Client Onboarding & Client File

A few of our professional users have indicated that some of the mandatory questions in both the Client Onboarding Module and the Client File Module were irrelevant to their clients. These questions related to whether a client is an …
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KYC Settings Configurable fields Client Onboarding Client File 04 04 2

Email templates in HTML

Every e‑mail from our system can now be created in HTML. Previously, it was already possible to send personal welcome e‑mails to clients, but the options were still relatively limited. Thanks to the current HTML option, professional …
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IP addresses Blanco services 06 2

Fixed IP addresses for notifications

Until now, all Blanco messages were sent from changing IP addresses randomly selected by the AWS system. However, we have received requests from some of our professional users and partners to fix IP addresses so that professional users …
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Downloading contracts in bulk documents 03 2

Downloading contracts in bulk

Downloading contracts individually, especially if you need to download a large quantity, is rather inconvenient. That’s why we’ve now built-in the option to download all contracts at once in a ZIP file.
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Adverse media Cdd check

Adverse media extended

Blanco has further expanded the adverse media feature. This so-called negative news check (bad press) monitors external public data sources for negative news about a client. The tool already screens for adverse media if there is a hit …
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Airs 2 740x340

Linking of onboarding street Blanco to AIRS PMS Suite extended

Since June, Blanco’s onboarding street has been connected to the AIRS PMS Suite. For those who missed the first announcement and explanation in our May newsletter, this means that AIRS has been added as a processor’ for data obtained …
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Contact details User details

Improved user management

Up until now, professional users had to enlist Blanco’s help if clients forgot their login name. Professional users were unable to help their clients because they couldn’t view the client’s login details. Of course, this was not …
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Automated contracts template

New: the flexible document generator

Blanco has recently added a new feature: the document generator. Akin to features in programs like HubSpot and Mailchimp, you can use the document generator’s flexible functionality to create customized templates. In these templates, …
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Client file statuses 05

Product overview and status option

It’s now possible to add a status to a product, an entire customer relationship, or a person within a customer relationship in the Client File. Products can be labeled with the status inactive,’ active’ or refused.’ In the case of …
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AIRS modelcontrole 15 740x340

Next step in rebalancing in the AIRS PMS Suite

In the AIRS PMS Suite, we introduce a new method that enables an efficient rebalancing process. Professional users can now exclude individual positions in the portfolio or (part of) the cash balance when comparing a client’s portfolio …
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Cash flow monitoring

Legislation and regulations require financial companies to monitor incoming and outgoing cash flows on their clients’ accounts, making it possible to identify any suspicious cash transactions. An alert can be set up in the AIRS PMS …
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Login page Blnco 03

New design login screen KYC Suite

We have renewed the login screen for the professional portal of the KYC Suite. Our UI/UX designer has designed a new login screen that fully fits the current Blanco house style. Curious? Click here to see the new login screen.
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Airs 2 740x340

Onboarding street Blanco linked to AIRS Suite

From the 12th of June, Blanco’s onboarding street will be linked to the AIRS Suite for natural persons. This means that AIRS will be added as a processor for the data obtained during the onboarding process. Until now there was only a …
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May 2020 New 740x340

Option of risk classification as part of Client Due Diligence (CDD)

We have recently added a new feature to the professional portal and the client file: the risk classification. Based on the data collected and relevant risk factors taken into account, the professional user can classify the client in a …
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May 2020 New 740 340

Comment fields enhance transparency

Recently it has become possible to leave comments and notes in the professional portal during the onboarding process and in the client file. This can be useful, for example, if a hit is found on a PEP list but is a false positive. The …
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April 2020 New 03

Improvements to onboarding flow and document signature

As part of our continuous improvement of processes, we discovered that at the end of the onboarding there was some confusion among clients about the next step. The client was already able to sign, but in practice this step was not yet …
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Child account 1

New account type: the child account

You can now open an individual account in a child’s name. This is useful, for example, if a client wants to build up assets for the study of his or her child. These children’s accounts are available both in the prospect portal and the …
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FIX plaatje 1

Extensions fix coupling AIRS PMS

For the past two years we have been using the FIX interface live with a number of custodian banks. We are delighted to say that the overall reaction has been very positive. The two biggest improvements we have seen in using FIX are the …
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April 2020 New 05

New mobile responsive AIRS client portal

More and more wealth and asset managers are using the latest version of the AIRS client portal to provide information to their clients. In the previous versions of the portal, the possibilities were limited to offering a report archive, …
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Upload functionality

New uploading feature makes onboarding easier

Blanco’s onboarding module makes the onboarding process a lot faster. But there was one more part that didn’t go that fast. Wealth and asset managers had to request documents by e‑mail from their clients. Not very efficient. We changed …
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UIUX improvements

Improved UI/UX of the KYC

We’ve recently taken a closer look at our KYC suite, to see how we could make onboarding even more customer friendly. There are already many settings that can be adjusted by the wealth and asset manager to optimize the customer …
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Signing zoom 740x340

Handy: legally valid signing of documents in the Client File

During the onboarding on the Blanco platform, you can have your clients digitally sign documents with a legally valid digital signature. This is facilitated by the Evidos’ software solution: leading technology for digital …
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MITEK lifecheck

‘Lifeness check’ improves the security of ID check

Up until this moment, the ID check during the onboarding phase is done by uploading an ID and taking a selfie. Unfortunately, this isn’t ideal, because someone with bad intentions could hold someone else’s portrait picture in front of …
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Income statement 740x430 16

Flexible income statement in the Financial Investment Plan

Onboarding companies is actually quite complicated in our software. All kinds of questions are asked to ensure that you get a clear financial picture of a company. This is often confusing and time-consuming. That’s why we’ve replaced …
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Google tag manager 740x430

Onboarding now made even more personal with Google tag manager

Our customers asked us whether we could incorporate their own marketing tools into our software. But of course everyone has different wishes. To make sure that all our clients can still get their specific marketing tools, we added …
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Status page 740x430

Always up to date with a subscription to our new status page

Do you already know about our status page? This useful page displays all scheduled software releases and updates. Additionally, this page shows the uptime of all our software. This way you can constantly see if the software is working …
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Upload organisation structure for complex business 740x340

Uploading an organisational structure for complex business customers

From a compliance point of view, you need to be able to demonstrate that you know exactly what the structure of your business client is. That’s why we’ve developed a useful feature that allows you to simply upload an image of an …
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Automatic access to much more Kv K information 740x430

Automatic access to much more KvK information

We have implemented a more advanced KvK (Dutch Chamber of Commerce) data link in our KYC Suite, which gives you much more information about a company. In addition to the KvK number, RSIN number, company name, and address, we now also …
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Signed document returned immediately 740x340

Signed document returned immediately

You can now automatically return the documents signed by you and your client to your client: people like to receive such a confirmation of the agreement right away. Of course, you can also include your own accompanying email text: …
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ID verification with a selfie check 740x430

ID verification with a selfie check

We have implemented a new, innovative ID verification tool, which makes ID verification much faster and easier, but still super secure and compliant. For example, your clients can now verify themselves by making a selfie and uploading …
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Risk Tolerance website 740x430 ppi

Improved design of the risk tolerance test

Many of our professional customers and their clients found our risk tolerance test difficult to interpret. Therefore, with the help of a UX/UI specialist, we conducted extensive research in May of this year, which led to an enormous …
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Prospect portal dashboard 740x430px

An improved dashboard for the prospect portal

On November 28th we will introduce a new dashboard for the Prospect Portal. The new design guides your clients better where and how to start. Below a large screenshot of the Prospect Portal, to give you an impression of what soon will …
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Email template website 20 20

Personal welcome e-mails in your own design

Asset management is relationship management. That’s why our platform, in our Client Onboarding module, now offers the possibility to send personal welcome emails to your clients, in your own house style. This is of course friendly and …
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Ipad website new v2

Customer intimacy with innovative Blanco iPad app for Wealth Managers

Never before did asset managers have the possibility to register customers with an iPad. With the unique Blanco app, wealth & asset managers are no longer tied to their computer for the registration of their new customers, but …
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