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Handy: legally valid signing of documents in the Client File

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During the onboarding on the Blanco platform, you can have your clients digitally sign documents with a legally valid digital signature. This is facilitated by the Evidos’ software solution: leading technology for digital identification and signing.
As of now, you can use this legally valid online sigining technology in the Client File as well. Because, in all honesty, it’s bit impractical that you are able generate or upload documents in the Client File, but you can’t have them digitally signed with a legally valid signature. That’s why we took care of this small but annoying flaw. Note that, as soon as the documents are digitally signed, they’re automatically saved in the Client File. Easy does it. At Blanco we try to optimize the user-friendliness of our platform on a daily basis.
You will find this feature in the client file: product > signing

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