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You can now upload nominal bulk order in our PMS

Temporary nominal bulk orders in PMS

From now on, it is possible to create single and multiple nominal orders in Blanco PMS via the function temporary bulk orders”. Until now, nominal orders could only be created via the manual input of an order (under Ordering > New Order). For the time being, dispatch via FIX is still out of range, but we expect to activate dispatch via FIX shortly. We will update you on this in due course.

Temporary nominal bulk orders

By default, nominal orders are first prepared in quantities. Now it is possible to convert certain orders to nominal orders. After the orders have been created via Generate orders”, these orders can be adjusted via this new button:

Bulkorders 2

First select the desired order lines to be converted and then select the Convert to nominal” button. After validation, all selected order lines are converted from Number” to Amount”. A few things that are good to know:

  • The conversion to nominal can be initiated just once.
  • Only the orange marked funds can be converted to nominal; of these, order entry in amount is allowed.
  • An initial intermediate validation always takes place after selecting the order line(s) and the Convert to nominal” button.
  • The column with Number” is emptied and the column with Amount” is filled. You must fill the column with Amount” on the left side under the General” category first. As an example, the situation before and after conversion:
Bulkorders 1

The further processing to arrive at final orders has remained the same; the system will distinguish order lines into nominal values or numbers with the same transaction type (buy or sale) and combine them.

Should you have any questions regarding this implementation, we will be happy to answer them. As already mentioned, you will receive an update as soon as FIX can also be linked to the dispatch of nominal orders.

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