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New functionality in the Client File

New functionalities in CF

We have added three new functionalities to facilitate the management of documents. Professional users can now select or bulk download contracts to make a signature request, upload files larger than 15 MB during onboarding, and add a wider range of document types to the document centre.

Select and download documents 

A signature request made in the Client File often contains multiple attachments such as contracts. It was previously not possible to download these documents, but professional users can now either select specific documents to download or download all of the documents in bulk. 

Upload files larger than 15 MB during onboarding 

It is now possible to upload files larger than 15 MB during onboarding. We originally imposed this limit because the signing functionality cannot handle files larger than 15 MB. However, many professional users want to attach large files (recorded phone calls or notes) that are unrelated to a signing request, so we have removed the limit. Files larger than 15 MB are still blocked from being added to a signature request. 

New document types added to Document Centre 

We have added additional document types to the Document Centre in the Client File. The following options were present so far: ID, Passport, Screening Certificate, Other. Now we have also added: Chamber of Commerce, Company, Proof of Address, Articles of Association, Tax Papers, Contracts, Source of Funds, Bank Statement and KYC Report. Document types can also be changed in the Client File. 

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