Continuity is secured at Blanco

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Blanco may be a relatively newcomer to the market, but you can be confident that continuity and information security are guaranteed. 

On this page, you can read about how we’re structured, certified and regulated.

Company structure

Blanco is scaling up and we’re now servicing over 125 regulated institutions. In order to serve these institutions and companies properly, it’s of paramount importance that our organization is set up the right way. As of January 1st, 2020, Blanco has a five-member management team that represents all relevant disciplines. A seasoned Supervisory Board supervises the management team and provides continuous advice. 

Blanco employs many people with a banking background. As a result we have the necessary experience with the requirements that legislators and supervisors set for outsourcing. In order to be the perfect partner for our licensed clients, Blanco itself is set up as a regulated company and we have people with the right specialties on board: certified compliance officers, EDP auditors, privacy professionals and risk experts. 

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ISAE 3402 certification

To demonstrate that we are in control of our processes, Blanco has ISAE 3402 type II certification: where an external auditor issues a statement on the design and operation of our internal control measures. An ISAE 3402 is also important for the external auditor of our clients, since the external auditor can rely on it while auditing financial reports.

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Information security

At Blanco, we consider the safety of our systems, network and products to be of the utmost importance. A vulnerability scan of the web applications is performed continuously. Blanco also has a Bug Bounty Program on HackerOne, wherin ethical hackers continuously search for vulnerabilities in our systems.

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Continuity has been top of mind since the start of Blanco. The continuity of Blanco has a direct impact on the continuity of our customers. That is why we have taken numerous measures within Blanco to guarantee our continuity, and subsequently, the continuity of our customers. For example, we have set up a Foundation Blanco Waarborg IE, which can continue to provide services to Blanco’s customers in the unlikely event of Blanco’s bankruptcy.

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