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Finally, our time has come: the complete wealth and asset management platform as we imagined it at the start of Blanco in 2015, is now live! All modules that automate the complete wealth and asset management cycle are up & running. Read our press release here. Obviously, our KYC Suite was already operational for some time and is currently in use with 45 wealth- and asset managers. But now the Investment Suite, consisting of the Portfolio Management and Securities Administration modules, has finally been added. Note that at Blanco, we’re working according to the agile development method. That means our platform is never finished: based on feedback from our users, we’re constantly making improvements to our software.

Symbiosis between man and machine

What has been of pivotal importance for the development of our banking platform, is the fact that we’re driven by our conviction that in fintech, it should not only be about technology. In the end, it’s all about people using technology. That’s why our platform automates the entire wealth and asset management cycle, but it keeps the important investment decisions for you, the wealth and asset manager. Because of our belief, we’ve been constantly challenging ourselves to make the life of a wealth and asset manager genuinely easier. After all, the success of our platform depends on how user-friendly our banking platform is and whether it truly helps you to be able to fully focus on your clients. We’ve organized User Groups, in which we collected your criticisms and feedback: the insights we gained from this have been incorporated into the platform as much as possible. We believe that this has resulted in a very advanced, but also very user-friendly platform. Our suggestion: try the platform yourself here. But we would also like to share some examples that illustrate how we made your life a bit easier:

Making client portfolio changes easy

A good example is the deployment of so-called pools’ in the Investment Suite of our platform: all wealth- and asset managers use different client portfolios, from defensive to offensive. All these client portfolios are composed differently, but often use the same instruments. Now if you, as a wealth- and asset manager, want to deploy a structural change to the composition of the shares instrument, you need to do this manually’ for every separate client portfolio: quite a tedious job. Our Portfolio Management System offers a solution for this issue, by using so-called pools’. A pool is basically a centralized investment instrument that you can compose yourself. Imagine that you’ve created a pool for shares and a pool for bonds. If you deploy a change to the shares pool, this change will affect all portfolios automatically. No need to adjust each individual portfolio anymore! In addition, you can change the ratio of the different pools within a client portfolio at the push of a button. Obviously, this saves a lot of time and hassle: that’s found time that you can spend on your clients again ;-). 

Hoe does being cloud-based help?

Another example of our banking platform’s user-friendliness is the fact that it’s completely cloud-based. This means that the software doesn’t run locally on a single computer in your office, but that it can be accessed from any computer through the internet. Cloud-based means there’s no need to install large chunks of software that also needs to be updated manually: you can simply login and start using our platform immediately and updates will be deployed automatically. 

Impress clients with your own app

What we think is also super cool: our platform enables every wealth and asset manager to have their own app in the app stores, granting your clients 247 access to the results of their investments through their phone. We take care of everything: we help you to apply for an app store developer account, so that the app isn’t called Blanco’, but it’s entirely branded by your own company. The same goes for the web-interface of the banking platform itself: it’s completely white-labeled: it’ll show your company logo, you can use your own corporate identity colors and your own web address. That’s exactly why we’re called Blanco’: It’s not so much about us and our technology, but about you and your clients. We want to be your invisible power, Hence our pay-off: Your invisible force in fintech.

Note: The KYC module has also been greatly improved with this release. Read more.

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