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Blanco’s roadmap for continuous growth and improvement

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Blanco continues to grow and improve, even in the time of COVID-19 and all the challenges it poses. Blanco’s CEO Joost Walgemoed reveals the developments and plans for the coming months. We work hard and continuously improve, hoping that we can be a solution for you in these difficult times.

How is Blanco doing?

It’s going well at Blanco. We see that our customers are onboarding a lot of new clients through our KYC Suite. Blanco has recently welcomed new customers in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands for all our suites: the KYC Suite, the Investment Suite and our AIRS Suite. In these unprecedented times, many customers try to reduce their cost price. Fortunately, Blanco can offer part of the solution by means of automation. 

What does Blanco’s roadmap for the next 2 – 3 months look like?

Besides the complete link between the AIRS Suite and the KYC Suite, we are also working on quite a few other projects. For example, we are improving the UX/UI of our prospect and professional portal in steps. We are also working on improvements to the Financial Investment Plan Module, where the visualization and explanation of the risk tolerance test in particular will be greatly improved.

We have also expanded the screening in the KYC Suite with Adverse Media. This so-called negative news screening (bad press) monitors public and external data sources for negative news regarding clients. This addition is a strong enrichment of the CDD process. 

How is the integration of Blanco and AIRS going?

We are busy linking the AIRS Suite to the KYC Suite, working step-by-step on a full integration of data between both suites. From 12th of June onwards, the Client Onboarding Module of the KYC Suite will be linked to the AIRS Suite as far as natural persons are concerned. At the end of June 2020, joint accounts and business registrations will also be linked. The next steps are linking the Client File Module and the Investment Suite. As soon as all connections are realized, we can automatically transfer information to the AIRS Suite and back.

What was and is the influence of COVID-19 on Blanco?

COVID-19 has an enormous influence on the entire society worldwide. Not only in the field of health, but also in social and economic aspects. Fortunately, the operational impact of COVID-19 on Blanco is limited. As mentioned before, Blanco is by nature a company that works flexibly. The entire technology is in the cloud, making it relatively easy for everyone to work from home. We have always used online meetings internally and have now also realized that our customer contacts and sales could be continued online without any problems. Despite the unprecedented circumstances, this has proven to work well.

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