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Update on migration of Portfolio Management System (PMS) to AWS

Server to cloud AWS

Until recently, the Portfolio Management System (PMS) technology ran on Blanco servers at data centre maincubes, or on customers’ own servers, e.g. on-premises.

In early 2021, Blanco decided to migrate its customers’ PMS environment to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The main reason for this migration is the improved security and performance of AWS. AWS also offers other beneficial technical features. 

After extensive testing on AWS, we started the migrations in 2022. Currently, we have migrated more than 80% of our PMS customers to AWS. The remaining 20% is a mix of on-premises customers and customers with other specific configurations that will be migrated at a later stage.

Initial feedback from customers using the PMS environment on AWS has been very positive, as there are significant performance improvements with AWS.

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