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Paul Kramer, co-owner of Index Capital: “Blanco is now fully integrated in our daily practice.”

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Paul Kramer is co-owner of Index Capital Asset Management, a pioneer in the field of Index investing in the Netherlands. This Breda asset manager is one of Blanco’s first hour clients. The reason: We share the same vision: in asset management the client relationship is central. Automation enables us to focus much better on our clients”.

Which modules of Blanco’s Banking Platform do you currently use?

In principle we use the complete platform, but the KYC Suite, consisting of the Client Onboarding, Financial Investment Plan and the Client File module, is the most fully developed at the moment. The KYC Suite is now fully integrated into our daily practice. We now board every new customer with the KYC Suite of Blanco. Since Blanco has recently taken over AIRS, I expect that we’ll make a lot of speed with the development of the Investment Suite. After all, AIRS is market leader in this field, so that should be good!”

How do you like the KYC suite?

It’s good. The software has now reached the point where you, as an asset manager, are fully compliant with all the complex laws and regulations surrounding the on-boarding of clients in one go. That really saves us a lot of time. In addition, I’m pleased with the fact that Blanco pays a lot of attention to user-friendliness. In fintech the technical solutions sometimes want to be more complicated than the problem they’re trying to solve. Blanco understands that a good user interface that works just as easily as an iPad is essential. Blanco becomes more user-friendly every month. Moreover, the software can be set up more and more individually, according to your own wishes. That’s great.”

Index Capital Screen Onboarding
Screenshot of Index Capital’s client portal — powered by Blanco.

What do your customers think of the onboarding via Blanco?

The nice thing for us is that they don’t see Blanco’ anywhere: our client experiences that they register themselves at Index Capital’: only our logo and our colours are used on the web app, which comes across as super-professional. Onboarding is fast and smooth, especially compared to the past. The only thing customers sometimes have some difficulty with are the scenarios with which the (legally required) risk appetite is estimated. Of course, this is also a tricky matter. But the good thing about the Blanco team is that they listen carefully to their users. So now, with the help of an external UX designer, a new version of the risk tolerance test has been put live, which is much easier to understand”.

Would you recommend Blanco?

Definitely. Blanco helps us as an asset manager to always be fully compliant. And thanks to the far-reaching automation that Blanco offers, we really save a lot of time. Time that we can spend on what it’s all about: our clients.”

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