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How does Blanco connect its platform with all those banks? With Check6.

Data Connections

Our banking platform has built-in connections with about 60 banks. All transactions take place via these connections. In this way, the portfolios on our platform are always in line with reality and this way we can deliver daily reports. However, it would be a tragedy to build all these individual links ourselves: each bank uses different technology, which they constantly change. Building 60 bank connections would be a lot of work, let alone checking and updating those connections. That’s why we’ve partnered with data supplier Check 6. Read the press release here.

Check6 is a London-based company that technically builds and maintains these connections with banks on an ongoing basis. Moreover, Check6 also takes care of the Quality Assurance: they notice and repair errors or omissions that might occur. All is done in full compliance with European laws and regulations. This means that we only need to build a single connection between Blanco and Check6. That saves our 14-person development team a lot of extra work and time. Time they can spend on further developing and making our banking platform even more user-friendly. 

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