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Fine-tuning of the MiFID risk tolerance test

Risk assessment 05 05

In September, we introduced our new MiFID risk tolerance test. We received many positive reactions from our customers, but also received feedback on how we can further improve the risk tolerance test. For example, the difference between the two options in the first question was too big, so almost all clients chose the option with the lowest risk. We have now reduced this difference and improved the explanation of the probability of profit and loss.
After choosing the low-risk option in the first question, clients could no longer get a risk score above 50 because the following questions related only to clients with a score between 0 – 50. This has now been adjusted so that clients can still get a risk score above 50. In addition, we have clarified the explanation of the test and the client now receives additional explanations if he/​she moves the mouse over an image.

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