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Blanco’s team activity of the month: yoga

Yoga with Blanco

Inclusive, agile and determined are the values on which the Blanco team floats. Our team is the core of Blanco and teamwork is an essential part of the way we work. The past year has been a difficult one, but all Blanco employees have worked hard and supported each other to face and overcome the challenges together.

Every month we organise an online team activity: from having breakfast together online to participating in an online escape room; from celebrating festive occasions to doing yoga together. Our last team activity was a yoga power session that invigorated each of us in mind, soul and body.

Bastiaan de Ruiter (CTO): People are not made to look at a screen all day. We are constantly phoning, emailing and writing. The yoga power session was therefore a good change. Stretching the back and other muscles and giving the mind a well-deserved rest. And then back to work again!”

Bernadette Wijnings (co-CEO): It was great to see how everyone did their best in the most complicated poses. A bit like we always do our best to get things done for our customers actually. And this way, we see different sides of each other in that square Zoom screen. It makes us all more mentally and physically flexible, which is always a good thing.”

Currently, more than 50 Blanconians from 15 different countries are employed by Blanco.

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