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Blanco automates ‘Know Your Customer’ questionnaire based on scientific model

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The new Blanco product – a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) tool – was built as a prototype with input from Blanco customers and scientist Prof. Dr. Marcel van Assen – which will now join the Blanco team – and will be available mid-August. Marcel van Assen specializes in statistics and psychology. The KYC-tool digitizes a questionnaire and – based on the answers to the questions – automatically calculates a scientifically based risk profile with a matching investment proposal. The module also provides three realistic scenario-analysis of the expected returns based on Monte Carlo simulations. In addition to a large time advantage, this also provides the asset manager all the ingredients to thoroughly know his client, which is a requirement under the Financial Supervision Act (Wft). The tool complements the recently introduced 60-minute Client Onboarding module.

Wealth and asset managers are legally required to know their customers well by analysing their risks and objectives and to follow a matching investment policy. That knowledge is initially gained through a KYC-questionnaire, which is now often manually entered and processed resulting in more fault tolerance and inaccuracy. The Blanco KYC-tool asks questions that weigh the risk a customer objectively can and subjective is willing to take.

Prof. Dr. Marcel van Assen about the model he developed to measure risk tolerance: The consumer is presented with approximately ten questions. Each question provides two options: one possible outcome of a defensive scenario and one for possible outcomes of an offensive scenario. This provides the basis for very accurate profiling. Subsequently we link that profile to the asset manager’s model portfolio. Now not only do we have an accurate picture of the customer’s risk appetite, but the wealth manager is also able to invest completely in accordance with that profile. The asset manager can even present which returns may realistically be expected in time, all fully automatically. The tool is specifically powerful because it links the answers to the questions that determine the customer’s risk appetite and realistic portfolios. Through the answers clients choose the portfolio that provides the best fit with the risk they are willing to take.”

One of Blanco’s first customers topcapital took part in the development of the KYC tool. Patrick Bontje, CEO with topcapital says: We are passive investors and we are trying to reduce our clients’ risks as much as possible. It is therefore essential that the financial situation of the customer is determined as closely as possible. This new KYC-tool helps us to do this in a quick and efficient manner. In addition, we feel comfortable that the KYC-tool determines consumers’ risk appetite with a scientifically based model by Prof. dr. Marcel van Assen.”

Blanco CTO Dennis Overbeeke says about the new KYC tool Blanco develops products and services that help wealth and asset managers to work faster and cheaper while remaining compliant with increasingly tough legislation. It is our mission to help them to grow and create scalability with new technology and knowledge. Previously we developed a 60-minute Client Onboarding module, that onboard asset management clients within the hour. The KYC tool-complements the onboarding module, but can also be purchased separately. The KYC-tool in conjunction with the Client Onboarding module digitizes the entire process from customer registration to determining the investment portfolio.”

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