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Adverse media extended

Adverse media Cdd check

Blanco has further expanded the adverse media feature. This so-called negative news check (bad press) monitors external public data sources for negative news about a client. The tool already screens for adverse media if there is a hit on a PEP or sanction list, but from now on every client will be screened for adverse media. This applies both (once-only) during onboarding and periodically in the client file (continuous monitoring). The screening takes place on the basis of a worldwide database of adverse media, sanction and PEP lists. Smart technology is used so that hits’ are only generated if the client’s name appears in a negative context. If negative media is found about a client, the client is given the status screened with flags’. By clicking on the status, you can view all the information about your client, both the personal data and all links to the negative media about your client. Easy does it.

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