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How’s Blanco coping with COVID-19?

Corona call

As the world is aware, COVID-19 is spreading and strict measures are being taken to limit the pandemic. Blanco wishes those infected by the virus a speedy recovery. For those affected by the measures taken to contain the disease, we wish everyone strength in this trying time.

What measures has Blanco taken with regard to COVID-19?

The most important measure is that as of last Friday 13 March almost everyone is working from home. In addition, we are closely following developments and will strictly follow all government measures.

What consequences does this have for Blanco’s customers?

Fortunately, we are a company that is familiar with working from home. Blanco already has a flexible working by nature, with flexible working hours and workplaces. Our entire technology is built in the Cloud, so it is easy for everyone to work from a different location. It goes without saying that our processes also continue to be carried out (remotely) in accordance with our ISAE3402.
The team responsible for the Blanco AIRS platform can also work from home. This allows us to guarantee continuity. In addition, we are already a company that deals a lot with online meetings. Often, customer contact takes place online. As long as we are not able to visit you personally in the coming period, we will organize all meetings online or by phone. Of course, if you need to speak to us you can always reach us by phone. Our contact details are at the bottom of this message.

What effects does COVID-19 have on Blanco as a company?

As you would expect, we have a thorough business continuity plan in place, meaning that the short term impact will be limited. If further developments come to a standstill or slow down, the freed up time will be focussed on product and processes. Most importantly, Blanco is in a good position to continue providing services as usual.

We hope to see you in good health again soon.

Contact information:

Helpdesk Rotterdam: +31 (0)10 3 104 105
Helpdesk Tricht: +31 (0)345 57 01 67

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