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Blanco opens a new office in Ukraine

Ukrainian office

We are pleased to announce that we have opened a new office in Cherkasy, Ukraine. We have been working with a talented and diverse team of developers in Ukraine for some time now. This team has been steadily growing over the past few months, which is what prompted us to open the new office. After a small delay due to COVID-19 measures, we can now finally announce that we have found a great place to work for the Ukrainian team in December. Read on to find out more about the members of our fantastic Ukrainian team.

Yana Tsylinska

Yana has been working for Blanco for almost four and a half years. She is a front-end developer with six years of experience and a master’s degree to her name. She makes designs come true by creating tools and adapting visual elements on browsers for an optimal user experience. She also takes care of the custom styling of tenants in the Blanco platform and works on embellishing logos and styles. When asked how she approaches challenges at work, Yana explains that she approaches technical challenges with a just solve it’ mentality. She goes on to say that she often challenges herself to look at things from the user’s perspective in order to predict whether the technology she is implementing is comfortable for users or whether it needs further improvement.

Jack Grygoriev

Jack is an IT veteran with 13 years of experience, who started working for Blanco about three and a half years ago. As a front-end developer, he works on many different projects and creates the UI so that everything looks nice and user-friendly. When asked what challenges he faces at work, he replied that every day brings challenges for developers because technology is evolving so fast. After graduating from university, Jack started his career at a Ukrainian software development company called Master of Code”. Jack is a fun guy who likes sports, team games and activities. He also values working relationships and finds it important to work with people he gets along with.

Volodymyr Logvinov

Volodymyr started working for Blanco in 2016. He solves problems for all kinds of components of the Blanco KYC Suite, both UI and server-side. When asked about challenges he faces at work, he mentions that his role has evolved over time and now focuses more on requirements and technical decisions. Because Blanco uses the latest technologies, working for Blanco encourages him to keep enriching his knowledge.

Bohdana Prokopchuk

Bohdana has been working for Blanco as a junior front-end developer since July 2020. This is her first role as a developer, so every day is a learning experience, which she says is both stressful and exciting. Her background includes mentoring HTML/CSS classes for kids, a junior specialist software engineering degree, and she is currently on her way to getting her bachelor’s degree. She is a whiz kid who made a few small websites as a child and became interested in front-end development as a result. Her role at Blanco has exposed her to working with people from different cultures, which she says has definitely helped to broaden her horizons.

Vlad Nikitiuk

Vlad, who started working for Blanco in July 2020, is a front-end developer who creates UI components for the Blanco portals. When asked about the challenges he faces at work, he replied that the assignments he receives can be very diverse and difficult, which motivates him to research new material and understand how to solve each problem. Vlad’s track record includes earning a bachelor’s degree from university and winning a few programming competitions. He is an avid music lover who also plays the piano and spends the rest of his free time solving puzzles.

Anastasiia Serhiienko

Anastasiia has worked for Blanco since early October 2020. Her role as a Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer is to build confidence in the products so that Blanco’s customers are assured that we are delivering the best possible solution. She checks new features, reviews old features to ensure they work correctly and monitors the development process. When asked about the challenges she faces at work, she mentions the need to be involved in the entire process – from the first iterations of a new feature to its final tweak, from meetings with the Customer Success team to meetings with developers. Anastasiia’s background includes six years of QA experience, a master’s degree in psychology, and a variety of previous jobs: from waitress, to technical support, to a precious experience in a daycare centre. She also volunteers as a teacher in various educational projects, helping people to find jobs in IT. It is her hobby and inspiration to see other people fall in love with QA.

Roman Pedchenko

Roman began his journey at Blanco in October 2020. He is a full stack developer who has been working in IT for five years. He is currently working on an investment suite project with other Blanco colleagues, and has so far challenged himself with other various exciting tasks: from speaking at a brown bag session to working with colleagues to upgrade the Angular version from 7 to 11. His track record also includes participating in Hacktoberfest for the second time last year, where he ended up winning a T‑shirt.

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