Blanco’s no-label onboarding solution.

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What’s included in the Blanco’s no-label on-boarding

  • 100% pay-as-you-use model.
    • 25 EUR per on-boarding per natural and/​or legal entity.
    • Continues monitoring 2 EUR per month per natural and/​of legal entity.
  • Go-to-market in less than 24 hours.
  • No setup cost! No additional fees!
  • End-to-end KYC/on-boarding platform.
  • Multichannel on-boarding:
    • Online prospect portal that guides your customer to the on-boarding process.
    • Professional portal in which you can on-board and monitor the customer.
    • You always see what your customer sees.
    • On-boarding of individual person and legal entities. Our platform is specialised to accommodate DYI SME on-boarding. 
    • Remote electronic identification (E‑IDV). Identify your clients by means of a passport scan.
    • Upload function for required documents.
    • Data enrichment with multiple external sources (Chambre of Commerce, IBAN validator, etc…).
    • Integrated AML check on Global Sanctions Lists, Politically Exposed Persons and adverse media (whenever their is a hit against sanctions and/​or PEP)
    • One-time certification & continues AML monitoring
    • Integrated contract module: build your own or automatically fill your own fallible contracts
    • Digital signing of contracts using two-factor identification SMS and scribble
    • Continues monitoring of your client dossiers (for example warning when the ID card is expired) 
    • Integrated customer portal which is a digital safe between you and your customer
  • Experience our road-tested and user-friendly interface:
    • Blanco uses a controlled intake procedure, consistently based on the same steps.
    • Used by +150 financial institutions in Europe including banks, IFA’s, VC’s, Investment Funds, Asset managers, Insurance companies. 
  • First flexible SaaS KYC offering that can be tweaked at 150 different settings.
  • Continues innovation and adaptation to required regulations in Europe.
  • Your data is safely stored in Europe and is encrypted.
  • You remain the owner of the data at all times and you can always extract the data when need it.
  • Upgrade your environment when your business is ready:
    • Fully white labeling
    • Dedicated surveys and questionnaires
    • API support
    • Get guidance from a customer success manager
  • Online support with manuals, FAQ’s and customer support.

Once you filled the contract details below, you will be up and running within 24 hour. If have any further questions please contact us.

We are delighted to welcome you on-board!